Australia's Highest Rated Nappy Bag

Lisa Bennetts

Posted on April 23 2019

Australias Highest Rated Nappy Bag

Here are some of the many Awards that OiOi has received both in Australia & overseas:

OiOi Awards

We’re thrilled that the products in the OiOi range have been honoured with so many awards since the brand was first launched. 

Many of our awards have been Consumer Choices voted by real parents, and we couldn’t be more proud.

Read what our voters say about their OiOi baby products:

  • "You can never have enough pockets in a nappy bag. I hate a heavy bag and this was a good option." Daniela - Essential Baby Awards
  • "OiOi makes many different types of baby bags with a lot of thought put into efficiency and design. Many of the bags look like handbags! Some even made of long lasting leather! OiOi has great designs and come in many colours and patterns." Sarah - Essential Baby Awards
  • "The least 'mumsie' looking nappy bags I have seen."  Rebecca - Essential Baby Awards
  • "Outstanding quality... fits everything a mother and child needs in style. easy cleaned. They have really thought about the designs making it easy and organised for mothers to access the most important things easy!" Cherie - Essential Baby Awards
  • "I love the OiOi nappy bag as they look just like a normal handbag but have all the extra pockets for all your bit and pieces." Jane - Essential Baby Awards
  • "Has me hooked I have two now. One stay's in our second car just in case we forget something." Stacey - Essential Baby Awards
  • "I was given a OiOi bag as a gift with my first baby and despite using it every day for over 3 years it will still easily get me through my next baby too. A great functional bag that is tough."  Kate - Essential Baby Awards
  • "Stylish, functional, and some styles that Dads are actually happy to carry too."   Jessica  - Essential Baby Awards





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