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OiOi Stroller Strap Instructions for Nappy Bag or Pram Caddy

OiOi Stroller Strap Instructions for Nappy Bag or Pram Caddy

Back in the early 2000s, OiOi retailers and customers asked us to design a smarter way for baby bags to hang off the pram rather than using the messenger strap. After research and development, the OiOi Stroller Strap Clips were born!

All OiOi nappy bags, stroller organisers and change mat kits can be hung off your stroller or pram using the included clips. The clips perfectly match the design of your product!

In this guide, we will provide you with the instructions to attach your products to your pram using our stroller straps. Please always exercise caution when using stroller clips by testing the weight before placing your baby in the pram.

How to use nappy bag stroller clips on pram

nappy bag with stroller clips

Learn how to use your complimentary OiOi stroller straps to hang your nappy bag on any pram.

Step 1:

Use the long adjustable shoulder strap* to hang your OiOi bag over the handle bars of your stroller; this will help you check the weight of your baby bag and stop the bag from dropping while you attach the stroller straps.

Step 2:

Clip one side of the bag to the handles of your stroller by wrapping the stroller strap around and fastening the key clip to the ring at the base of the stroller strap.

Step 3:

Clip the stroller strap on the other side of the bag to the handle of the stroller.

Step 4:

If used, and no longer needed, unclip the long adjustable shoulder strap from the rings on each side of your OiOi baby changing bag and tuck inside of the bag for later.

* OiOi stroller straps are designed to work independently on their own. Not all OiOi bag styles have an extendable shoulder strap. 

How to attach OiOi stroller organiser to your pram

Your stroller organiser comes with adjustable velcro stroller straps to attach the caddy to your pram. Your pram caddy will easily attach to single or double prams.

stroller organiser attached to pram

How to hang your changing clutch off your stroller

Our portable travel change mat has a detachable wrist strap that can also be used to hang your clutch over the pram handle to keep it in easy reach on the go.


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