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9 Easy Ways To Keep Your Pram Clean

9 Easy Ways To Keep Your Pram Clean

how to keep my pram clean

Baby strollers see it all - grubby little hands, banana smears, muddy boot marks, hidden sultanas and much, much more!

Your pram can be one of the biggest investment purchases you make for your baby, so it is natural that you want to keep it in tip-top shape.

Whether you are planning to use the same pram for all of your kids or want to resell it down the track, it is important to keep your baby buggy in good condition.

If you’re looking for some fuss-free ways to increase the lifespan of your stroller, these 9 easy ideas will help you keep your pram looking its absolute best.

1. Be Quick To Clean Up

One thing that you will always have on you in the world of parenthood is baby wipes and you will discover that they have many unexpected uses! One of these nifty uses is sprucing up your pram - simply wipe and go.

2. Cover The Seat

Your stroller seat is bound to show wear & tear the fastest thanks to your messy little monster dropping everything and anything on it! One of the easiest ways to protect the fabric from inevitable spills & dirt is to use a pram liner.

What is a pram liner?

A pram liner is a cushioned pad that sits in the seat of your stroller. It makes the travelling experience more comfortable for bub and also acts as a barrier, keeping the stroller seat clean. Universal pram liners fit any stroller model with a 5-point harness.

What should I look for in a pram liner?

The best pram liners are machine washable, easy to wipe down and have quilted padding for extra comfort.

You also want your stroller liner to have a breathable, hypoallergenic quick-dry inlay. This is because when you do wash your pram liner, you want the padding to resist mould and mildew.

Most importantly, ensure that your pram liner is made from baby safe non-toxic materials. Look out for designs that are tested to comply with International Standards REACH & CSPC and are free from Lead Content, Formaldehyde Content, Phthalates and Arylamines.

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3. Declutter

Pram baskets are a classic area for junk to gather. It is easy to “dump and forget” all of your baby paraphernalia in here, so it is wise to get into a regular routine of emptying it out.

Keep a storage basket or shelving unit next to where you park your pram at home so that it is easy to put things away that you don’t need every trip when you return home.

Not enough room in your pram basket? Hang your nappy bag on the handle using stroller straps or opt for a nappy backpack if you want to keep the space below your handlebar clear.

4. Stay Organised

It is worthwhile investing in a pram caddy if you find yourself regularly getting out and about with your pram. Having all of your essentials at your fingertips is super convenient and saves you from bending over to find things in your pram basket.

What is a pram caddy?

A pram caddy (also known as a stroller organiser) is a small bag that hangs on the handlebar of your pram, usually attached by velcro straps. Most designs have enough room for your keys, phone, wallet, bottles, toys and snacks.

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5. Swap Your Hood

That gorgeous cream pram you bought may look beautiful in Instagram photos, but in reality light coloured prams show dirt very easily. Fortunately, many pram brands now offer interchangeable canopies or colour packs so you can easily jazz up your pram.

6. Vacuum It Up

Use the nozzle attachment on your vacuum to suck up those long lost sultanas in all of the hidden little crevices of your pram.

7. Keep It Fresh

Smelly pram? Don’t worry, it happens to all of us! Whether it is from food, a toilet accident or it has been sitting in storage for a while, there are plenty of home remedies for making your pram smell brand new again:

  • Give it a good scrub with some soapy water and leave your pram to air out in the sun
  • Sprinkle baking powder over your pram & vacuum it off
  • Or, some brand brands sell their own fabric sanitiser disinfectants that create a long-lasting pleasant fragrance & kill unwanted germs

8. Wipe It Down

When you have more time, antibacterial wipes are great for cleaning the frame and other plastic parts on your pram.

9. Schedule Deep Cleans

Once in a while, it is worth investing in a professional pram cleaning service to give your little one’s ride a big makeover. These experts will completely take your stroller apart and clean every little inch of it - it will truly look brand new! Many pram spa businesses also offer complimentary pickups and drop offs, making it all the more enticing.

We recommend doing this annually and/or after you’ve brought the pram out from storage to use it for a new child! It is also a great idea to invest in this service if you are ready to sell your pram to reap the best price.

Ready to go?

We hope that you found these pram care tips helpful! OiOi is an Australian brand that offers a wide range of accessories to make getting out & about with your little one easier. Discover our award winning range of baby bagsstroller seat liners, pram caddies, change mat clutches and bamboo baby clothes.

Share with us in the comments your own tips for keeping your pram in good condition or let us know if you have tried any of the ideas mentioned in the article! We'd love to hear your thoughts.

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